Thu 30 March 2017

Scrabble Tricks for Extraordinary Words

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The word tips and tricks in Scrabble are multi-faceted. You need to wisely and tactically utilize the words or tiles and maximize them to your advantage. How do you play scrabble with letters that are difficult to form as a high-scoring word? How do you form words with very limited tiles or letters on your rack? You can use a Scrabble word checker tool or simply memorize the tricks by heart.

Scrabble Tips for High-Value Words

There are words that everybody knows and there are those that are totally unfamiliar but legitimate in the Scrabble dictionary. These may be 4 letter words such as 'quiz' or even shorter (zoo). A player’s huge advantage is to know and memorize all these words that could be significantly valuable to you especially if you don’t have the tiles or letters to your luxury.

Know these helpful details and the basic Scrabble cheat in improving your word skills and becoming the next Scrabble whiz:

The Q Words


One of the highest scoring letters in the game is the letter Q and it is up to you now to utilize this tile and strategically boost its value if you can. Getting stuck with a Q is quite tragic especially if you don’t know how to use it with the letter U. What if you don’t have the tile or letter you need? Would you wait in vain or improvise? A 10-point Q is not something you want to leave on your rack when the game ends.

Take a look at some of the alternative words if you have the Q tile on your court:


A high score in the game is your ticket to success but it doesn’t come cheap. Scrabble help and tips could help you boost your game especially if you’re a beginner.


Thu 30 March 2017


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Scrabble is a game that combines your word knowledge with your strategic skills. If you wish to become a successful Scrabble player, adding to your word knowledge is the most important part of the training process. You must train your mind to learn new word tips on a daily basis with the help of Scrabble word finder and Scrabble help websites available online.


It is quite self-explanatory that the player who knows more words from the official Scrabble dictionary, the more likely they will have a solution to the problem at hand. It is a tedious but an important job to constantly add new words to your daily verbiage. Although it is seemingly impossible to learn all the thousands of words present in the Scrabble “bible”, one can easily pick out certain words when they appear as jumbled letters on their rack. For example, if you find the words NECEIIA on your rack, the easiest alternative would be to opt for ICE, ACE or NICE. But these will leave your rack in bits and pieces with too many vowels. The idea is to maximize your output and upon further exploration words like NIECE and ACINI might work out better. The aim is to try and move more tiles from your rack efficiently while keeping thee spaces open for bonus scores and hot spots on the board.


Another major part of being highly efficient at your Scrabble game play is the unique ability to unravel words from the jumbled rack in front of you. It is also important not to fixate on the first word you find and explore further options. You might end up with a better alternative word or an anagram of the word might help you score more points and ultimately win the game. The player who effectively utilizes all the words available on his rack to form a new word is entitled to a 50-point bonus. If you are lucky enough, you might even be labeled a Scrabble cheat by the losing opponent.


Thu 30 March 2017

Scrabble Words

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Two Letter Scrabble Word Lists

Each one of the players in a game of Scrabble will have a changeable level of dedication. Fresh players may like an easy game every holiday or at family gatherings, while others may play staid and competitive games. The first step to go from a friendly and simple game to a competitive game is to study a list of short words that can be simply placed on the board with the aid of Scrabble help or Scrabble word finder. Short Word Strategies

Short words do not always denote small points. There are some situations where these words can result in some remarkable scores without the use of Scrabble cheat. There are a number of times when three letter words are essential in the game of Scrabble. Here are some strategies where a two or three letter word will help any player. 2-Letter Words

Two letter words may not seem essential, but they are the means to being a thriving Scrabble player. Some of the listed two letter words here can be seen in any Scrabble dictionary. Two-Letter A-Words

AA, AB, AH, AI, AL Two-Letter E-Words

EA, ED, EH, EL, EM Two-Letter I-Words

ID, IF, IN, IO, IS, IT Two-Letter U-Words

UG, UP, UR, US, UT Two-Letter Words with no Vowels

CH, FY, HM, MM, SH, ST, KY, NY, PH High Point Value 2-Letter Words

The subsequent six word tips use some of the top point tiles in the game, so these are vital to learning. With these, you can get out of some tense situations and amass decent points at the same time. JO, KA, QI, EX, XI, ZA Three of these words can be made plural with an "S". KAS, XIS, ZAS Three-Letter Plural Words The three letter words that are provided here are typically plural forms of the two letter words previously discussed. AAS, ABS, AGS, BAS, BIS, DOS, EDS, EMS, FAS, FES, GOS, HAS, HES, INS, KAS, KIS, LAS, LIS, MAS, RES, SOS, TAS, TIS, UPS, WOS, There is a bigger list of three-letter words that can be used but these are just a few of them for now.